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I am the competition.


I am really have a tough time of it at training at the moment. My body has not yet adjusted to this new approach to eating and I am still trying to work it all out. I feel as if I’ve gone from finally making some progress, to way back to where I started. It is pretty demoralising. 😦


This morning we did a monthly milestone workout. It was that delightful 13.5 open workout of 15 thrusters, 15 chest to bar pull-ups repeat by 3, scale as required. In my case that’s 25kg thrusters and pull-ups on the band, but even scaled it was disaster! I kept stopping, felt it was all too hard, had a panic attack (seriously not kidding) and nearly started bawling before the final lot of pull-ups! The only saving grace was the mantra in my head “I will NOT cry at crossfit!” At the end I finished miles behind my training buddies and felt the pits. I have finished last plenty of times and felt proud that I had made it through a tough work out, so why was today different? I really felt like I gave up in that workout this morning and did not give my best. Sure it was hard, sure I am not at my peak energy levels, but it was ultimately a problem in my thinking that undid my physical performance. I had given up before I’d even started. I feel shame for my effort not pride.


So what is the moral to this sad tale of woe I write for you? It is not how I compete against anyone else that really matters. In the end my feelings of pride come from giving my best, knowing in my core that I gave it all, kept on pushing, didn’t give up. Even if I finish last, if I’ve left nothing in the tank, who can ask for more!image


Breaking the crack habit.

Breaking the crack habit.

I don’t really have a crack habit, but I do have a horrific addiction  to a sugar. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that despite regular training I am still 10-12kg overweight and I mood swing like a crack addict according to my sugar intake. This is no exaggeration, after a sugar binge  I feel high as a kite for about 30 minutes and then comes the crash, capable of making the worst case of pmt look like a picnic! I have been inspired by some of the paleo eating chicks in my crossfit box. Not only do they look fit, they look healthy, in fact, they seem to glow with health. They have fabulous skin and hair and are seemingly full of a never ending supply of energy. Surely I deserve to feel and look like this too?!

So tomorrow is the day I say goodbye to my habit, in search of a more amazing me. My plan is to eat primarily paleo, with some adjustments (whole fat yoghurt, feta cheese (pref goats) and brown rice). For those of you unfamiliar with “Paleo” the principle is to avoid immunogenic foods such as grains, dairy, processed. High good fats (nuts, coconut, avocado, olive oil), lean meats, veges and fruits. Anyone looking for more info on this can read “It starts with food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, which explains it all.

Let the fun begin! I know from past experience the first few days are awful (not just for me but for anyone having the misfortune of having to interact with me amongst the irritability of sugar withdrawals), but it’ll be worth it in the long run!