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The secret life of us.



Everyone has a story of the journey in their lives that got them to this point in time. We often make alot of assumptions about those around us, judging a book by its cover, so to speak. I train with a lot of lean, amazing looking chicks. I have often thought how easy it is for them, with their inbuilt love of healthy clean eating, Not having to fight the daily battles with food like I do. There might be one or two others that battle their food demons and understand, but the others would never get it. Then I had a conversation with one of these girls after we had struggled through a particularly difficult WOD together. She is beautiful with a to die for figure and beautiful personality to boot. I’ll admit to you (here in confidence) I’ve often envied her shape and wished I could look as amazing. Much to my surprise, she told me she used to weigh 30 kg more than she does now. It really made me think, I had just assumed she was naturally buff and that it required little effort. I had just assumed she would never understand how hard it can be for someone like me. Hell, how wrong was I making all these assumptions! She might not look like me on the outside, but she understands what it’s like to be in my shoes. She still carries many of the doubts of the big girl she used to be. She has worked hard and still works hard to have her amazing body and glow of health.


What we look like on the outside is one thing, but more important is how we look on the inside. Some days, I am an elite crossfitter. It’s true! In my mind, I am buff, strong and unstoppable. On those days watch me roar! On some days I think I am an overweight, weak, unfit, give up before I start type of girl. On those days watch me fail. It is all about my self belief. It is all about having faith. I really learnt this doing the crossfit open workouts this year. I entered the open feeling immense doubt about whether I was good enough, intensely worried I would be humiliating myself 5 weeks consecutively. I was so anxious before the first workout you would think I was trying to qualify for the regionals! Well, I managed to lift weights I had never done before, push myself harder than I ever thought I could go, and surpass all sorts of self imposed limits I had placed on myself. I impressed even myself and I’m the hardest person of all to impress. Even on the last 2 workouts which contained movements I couldn’t do, I spent several minutes, futilely attempting said movements, supported by my training crew so positively, that it could be nothing but a positive experience.

And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? A positive experience? Feeling better about yourself? Feeling happier in your life?

And that has been one of my greatest discoveries in this life…Positive thinking, that’s the secret source of power of all superheroes. (Let’s face it, it takes a lot of self confidence and inner positivity to fight crime dressed like this on a regular basis!) 🙂