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Cold winter morning.


My favourite thing about working out on a cold winters morning is the way you can see the steam rising off everyone at the end of the WOD. There is something both ethereal and tough about it, reminiscent of an epic movie scene where warriors have fought and won against an undefeatable foe. That feeling of oneness and community the warriors feel after passing through an insurmountable challenge by each others sides is not unlike the feeling of comraderie and mutual bonding that comes when working out with the others in our box. There is an emotional bond formed when we push to our limits side by side. I have experienced this and seen it in others, the way being brought to your physical limits makes us vulnerable, brings out our inner self, our self beliefs, our fears. We share something personal and intimate with the people we train with when we expose our soft underbelly. When this happens and we find encouragement it can result in an amazing sense of acceptance and a remoulding of our inner negativity to a more positive place. It may not happen in one workout, but over time we are slowly reconditioned to believe we are good enough, we do deserve this, we are worthy. I believe this to underpin the very heart of crossfit and the way it can be empowering and uplifting, despite being at times seemingly insurmountable. It is one of the reasons I truly love it more than anything I’ve ever done.


There are other things I love about the winter mornings. I love the quiet of the early morning, dark, peaceful, solitude. Alone with my thoughts as I have my short black, put on my training garb and head out to the box before the sun has risen. No fighting with traffic on the road, it’s a relaxed drive in. Huddled crossfitters, rubbing their hands together, some with their hoods up, quietly chatting together at the start of the day, waiting to see what the WOD has in store for us that day. Nothing makes me feel more alive than my heart pounding in my chest and my lungs bursting for their next breath. After a morning WOD I feel warm, energised and ready to face the day. Yes, there are some mornings I battle with the early start, but knowing how fabulous I’ll feel after gets me out of bed every time. At the end of the day after work I can come home and relax with my family without feeling like I have missed out on my personal time or family time. Feeling energised, positive and balanced, I thank myself for getting out of bed before the crack of dawn and I thank my fabulous crossfit Adelaide morning crew for making it such a fabulous part of my life. 🙂


Some of the usual culprits. Those of you missing (including me!!) are there in spirit. 🙂