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Beating the blues sans chocolate binge.



Today I am feeling blue. All of the little stresses in my life seem insurmountable and all of my worries are magnified out of proportion. There is no real rhyme or reason to it, I just have days like this every so often where I wanna curl up on the couch in the fetal position, suck my thumb and eat myself senseless on chocolate and other unhealthy foods. Of course, I would (as a long standing emotional eater), eat until I felt sick and then felt not only blue, but guilty as all hell for my lack of self control and disgusted by what I had done. So today when I woke feeling troubled by many insignificant things my mind had blown into mountain like importance, I thought it was time to try a new approach. So what did I do?


I made some endorphins. Its Sunday and there is a stretch/recovery class at the box, but no WOD. I went to the stretch class, but felt the need for some more cardio, so as I was up nice and early, I also went for a run. Although the weather has been crap, this morning when I went was a beautiful crisp winter morning. The autumn leaves are still on many of trees, making them look warm and colourful. The peace and quiet with my thoughts and some music from my iPod as I ran through the park was more than a little soothing. The stretch class itself is quiet and relaxed; some time to mend the mind as well as the body.

I stuck to my healthy eating plan. I ate a couple of the sweet potato brownies I made yesterday and that fixed the chocolate craving right there. (Hard to believe and I was there!) I found that if I stuck to eating quality and not worrying about quantity that my intake was self limiting. There seems to be a satiety point reached easily with good fats and protein that just doesn’t exist with my usual sugar laden binge foods.

I spent some time uncluttering my bedroom. According to a number of things I have read this is good for the soul. It did make me feel better!


I had a long bath.

I spent some quality time with my family and had a few laughs.

And instead of ending this day feeling bloated, sick, guilty and disgusted….I ended it feeling content, calm and reflective. Easy to see the appeal of this new lifestyle I’ve chosen! 🙂


Oh and even better, I’ve made it through a week of healthy eating! Go me!