Learning to fly.



Watching TV led to a profound discovery this week. Those are words I never thought I’d write in a blog on paleo and crossfit! My family and I are currently addicted to the TV series “Smallville”. We are watching it from the start and up to about season 3 (of 10 that have been made). For those of you unfamiliar, it is the story of Clark Kent as an adolescent, growing up and learning about life on the way to becoming a superhero. Yesterday, while watching, I realised something totally amazing….Clark has no idea he can fly. He has no idea that he will not only fly, but become famous for that very ability. He has no concept, not the faintest glimmer of belief or even a dream that he will be able to this amazing thing as easy as breathing one day in the future. It’s unimaginable. Why is this so profound I hear you ask and what the hell does it have to do with crossfit!? I can’t believe in my wildest dreams I will ever do a muscle up. I cant even do a pullup without a band. When I started crossfit I couldn’t ever imagine doing a handstand let alone a handstand push-up. Now, not only can I do a handstand, I did my first negatives this morning; one step closer to the unimaginable. It got me thinking. I am just like superman! No I can’t fly, but I can’t even begin to realise what I am capable of in the future. I will be doing things I never dreamed I could do. What an exciting concept that its! The power of positive thinking and not limiting our amazing capabilities with flawed self beliefs. Watch this space, for amazing things are going to happen! One day, may even see me flying (crossfit style) on the muscle up rings!


The power of self belief and  how it can lead us to achieving the unimaginable was never more evident to me than yesterday. My training buddy and I went to watch a local crossfit competition and support some of our training buddies who were competing. There were some amazing athletic performances, but these weren’t the most inspiring things for me. There were two incredible moments of heart bursting pride that stood out to me. The first was watching an unknown male competitor fail repeatedly whilst trying to do pistols. He failed and failed and failed again, and every time, despite his failure, he got up and tried again. His tenacity and determination were simply inspiring. There’s something in that for all of us. The second was seeing 2 training buddies, who had confessed some serious concerns with clean and jerk weights in one of their workouts, lift way beyond their self thought capabilities, not once, but multiple times. The sheer exhiliration they exhibited at their fabulous success and the pride we felt for them was simply joyful. We can all be superheroes, we just need to believe that we can, one small, ecstatic step at a time!



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