Beware it’s the weekend!!



It’s generally awesome when Friday arrives, especially if I have the weekend off work. Free time to spend with family and friends, training sessions without having to rush off to work watching the clock the whole time. Time to chill, time to relax, time to eat and drink! Hold on, time to eat and drink? And therein lies the rub. I like to eat. I like to eat when I’m sad, happy, stressed, tired, celebrating, relaxing. No matter how well I’ve stuck to my intended eating plans throughout the week it more often than not falls into disaster on the weekend. Food is my reward for making it through the tough week that was. And I’m not just talking any old food. I’m talking takeout, pastries from the local delicious bakery, Brie and crackers by the kilo, not to mention a few glasses of chilled white to boot! I love the weekend, but the weekend does not love me, and lets face it, I am responsible for having developed some pretty average habits for my health, having used the weekend as the supporting excuse to justify all types of behaviour. Lets face it, if you can’t have fish and chips for dinner on a Friday night, when can you? Worse still, once I’ve fallen off the horse on the weekend, I label myself as having failed (yet again) and keep on throwing down the poor nutritional food choices in the week that follows. 😦

So here is my dilemma, here I am on day 5 of my new approach to food and life. I finally made it back into the box this morning after 2 days off with some of the worst muscle soreness I have ever experienced (and I’ve run a marathon!) The session hit one of my goats (and yes there are many!)…overhead squats. To add to the delight the end part of the session was a delightful combination of 500m rows and 15 overhead squats, on repeat, without a rest. Normally I row like a beast, but those sugar withdrawals are in full force, I felt like a flat, deprived of energy, weakling on that rower. And as if overhead squats weren’t bad enough, combine them with some cardio and you might as well double the weight on the bar! It was pretty average. My training buddy and the other guys at the box were awesome though, encouraging me through the last round which I pretty much did after everyone else had finished! Mmmm… What did I take out of that experience I hear you ask? Maybe it’s all too hard. Maybe I need to get back on all that bread and other carb/sugar loaded foods, cos at least I can train when I eat those. I thought about it a bit harder. The purpose of the dietary change is to help my training performance and general energy levels. I was fully aware when making these changes that the first 2 weeks would be damn hard and I would likely feel like a pile of crap. So why not actually walk the talk and stick to it, be as tough as I imagine I can be, wait and see what I feel like in a couple weeks. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Watch this space, my six pack will be visible one day, it’s there now, I just need to give it some time to work towards it’s grand unveiling!



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