The DOMS and sugar withdrawal…oh my!



In the case of today, every muscle in my entire body (with the exception of my face) is hurting simultaneously. A reasonable amount of squats and pull-ups yesterday have resulted in a form of borderline muscle melt down. I haven’t been this sore since I ran a marathon. I am struggling to get up and down from a chair without paid nursing support. I got stuck halfway out of my sports bra and had to call my husband for help with extrication. I had to seek outside assistance to get the lids off 2 jars whilst cooking dinner. Crossing my legs during a meeting at work today became a highly painful manoeuvre that I regretted almost immediately, but provided much amusement to my work colleagues as I tried to rearrange myself in a position that didn’t have me audibly screaming. The funny thing is, although severely challenging in the cardio respect due to poor energy levels, I didn’t think I had thrashed myself to the level usually required to end up in this state! In addition, the sugar withdrawals have kicked in. Flat, ditzy and depleted of energy, I am feeling downright average.

As a result of these things in combination, this mornings WOD proved to be a disaster. I rarely feel regret with getting into the box on those days where it’s a major effort to get out of bed, but this may be the one day in exception. I couldn’t lift weights that normally feel easy, I had no self belief and my legs felt weak, sore and powerless. Oh and the whining, did I mention the whining. Hell, there was a magnificent show of whingeing, whining and general self deprecation that went along with it. By the time I left I wasn’t embarrassed by the workout performance, but by my sad need to continually make a point of drawing everyone’s attention to it!

Either way, nothing worth having comes easy. Time to hang on, wait it out and work on the positive mindset! I went to the box despite feeling like crap. I made it through the WOD, might not have felt great, but I made it. I ate well today. I am another day closer to feeling energetic, healthy and fabulous. I am another day closer to being off the damn sugar train.



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