Having my cake and eating it too.


One of the main reasons I have decided to change the way I eat is to improve my performance at training. I am addicted to crossfit. I really enjoy it, despite the pain and suffering I endure. It makes me feel strong, capable and pretty awesome at times. At other times it can make me feel like I have a VERY long way to go! This mornings WOD occurred after I had has 2 very late nights at work over the weekend, not enough water in and poor fuel choices. It started out well with some highly satisfying back squat action. It was all downhill from there. A seemingly benign looking combo of pull-ups, kettle bell swings and 400m runs. As a result of the poor sleep, dehydration, poor fuel, I hit the wall early and hell did I suffer through that workout. I know in the past that these things make a HUGE difference to the level of suffering (let’s face it with crossfit there is always a degree of suffering!) I will try and remember that feeling I had during this mornings workout the next time my bad carb cravings fear there ugly heads!


Today I am going to try a new recipe, Amanda Allen’s raw cake. Amanda Allen is this awesome chick, world class crossfit athlete and trainer at my box. She is a magnificent example of healthy eating and good lifestyle and what it can do for you. She’s 42 and giving the the girls in their 20s a run for their money. That’s a picture of her above, pretty awesome right! I get that I’ll never be that buff, but hell, I’d be damn chuffed to have that glow of health and energy level! Anyway, so here’s AA’s recipe for “raw cake”….looks like I can have my cake AND eat it too! 🙂



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